Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spatula Revisited

I alluded to this in a previous blog, so I felt it was time to elaborate.

My wife and I both love to cook. When we discuss all the fun things we have in common, cooking is always high up on the list, along with making fun of people. But, there are some things that we have both agreed on that she should not cook. Pancakes is one of those things. You would think that a relatively intelligent gal like my wife should be able to make something as simple as a pancake, but no. Every time she has tried, we have ended up eating hotdogs and mac ' cheese, and thowing away a huge glob of burnt refuse that once had aspirations of being a batch of pancakes.

So I find myself mixing up another batch of Aunt Jemima's best, when I asked my wife to grab me a spatula. She hessitated, then handed me a kitchen tool that I have seen my mom use millions of times to scrape batter off the walls of a bowl.

"What the hell is this for?"

"You asked for a spatula."

"Thats not a spatula. (grabs what I think is a spatula) This is a spatula."

"That's a flipper. So if this isn't a spatula, then what is it?"

"I don't know, a batter scraper?"

The debate lasted for a while and ended up with us having a much later meal than anticipated. I, of course, went in search of answers in the only place where all information is absolute, the internet. After hours of searching, it is apparent to me that there is no definitive distinction between the batter scraper and the spatula. All of them are considered spatulas, but then some can also be called flippers. I still feel like I haven't received adequate closure on the matter. I leave it up to you, dear readers. Please help me settle this eternal battle of nomenclature. Which is a spatula?


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