Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Disclaimer

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This isn't really a disclaimer, but more of an explanation as to how my blog came into existence.  I started screwing around with MySpace blogging and decided that I enjoy sharing my rantings with the world.  The only problem was, if you weren't a registered user of MySpace, you couldn't read my blog.  I also don't believe that search engines were able to see it either.  Someone recommended this site to become more of a public blogger.  I signed up for an account, and away we go!
I had one problem.  What about all of the fun MySpace blogs that I wrote over the last year, sitting stagnant on a limited view account?  I chose to copy them over to this blog, sort of a "Greatest Hits" posting.  All blog posts after this disclaimer will be new ones.  I think I may still post copies on MySpace as well, but this blog will now be my primary posting site.
In the past, I have put loads of thought into a blog prior to posting.  I would write it in Microsoft Word, mull over it, and then copy/paste into my blog.  Now, with the "mail in" feature on this site, I can email a blog and it automatically post it.  As a matter of fact, I'm posting this entry using this particular feature.
Please enjoy, and feedback is always welcome.

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