Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You mean, from the toilet?

This was slightly inspired by the movie "Idiocracy." If you haven't seen it, please do.

I was very thirsty today. On top of that, I was running around all day at work to appease the Christmas Shoppers, so I hit the drinking fountain several times.

My fourth trip to the fountain produced an interesting result. As I was lapping away at the stream of cool refreshing water, I heard the toilet flush in the ladies restroom. This caused the water pressure coming from the fountain to decrease rediculously. I'm not just talking about a small difference. The fountain basically turned off completely. This obviously means that both the drinking fountain and the toilet are fed by the water pipe.

My question is this: When the toilet needed extra water, it came from the fountain. Does this mean that, in converse, that if the drinking fountain needs extra water, does it come from the toilet? At what point does the fountain run out of water and need to pull from the toilet?

We've all experienced that moment when you're drinking from a fountain in public and it suddenly kicks on some sort of pump or refridgeration unit and starts making noise. Is that the moment when you start to get the toilet water?

I've have also noticed in several public drinking fountains that there seems to be a white rocky mess growing around the spout. Is this possibly a result of toilet backwash? I know what you're saying, "thats just calcium and it happens to lots of devices that dispense water." Well, maybe thats what they want you to think. Maybe, there is a bigger phenomena going on here.

We know that wherever there is a public drinking fountain, there is a toilet nearby. We also know, from my recent experience, that toilet water goes to the fountains. On top of all of this, we all have shower heads with this nasty white growth on them. These showers are located, yes..thats right, in the bathroom next to the toilet.

With all of this soild, conclusive, and scientifically sound info, we can deduce that the white gunk that grows on the ends of water dispensing units can only result from one thing:
Toilet water supplies all other water sources in the universe.

Think about this the next time you are taking a shower. Look up and see the toilet water fungus staring back at you. And don't forget the fountains with the cauliflower wreath around the spout. Its all a bunch of crap. Literally.

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